5 Benefits of New Construction Homes

November 20, 2020

5 Benefits of New Construction Homes

Move-up buyers face difficult challenges when shopping for a home. Move-up buyers have previously owned a home and are looking to upgrade their home or the neighborhood their home is in. This can mean they have a larger budget to work with and more demands from the home they choose.

One challenge move-up buyers face is: buy an existing home or buy a newly constructed home. Here are 5 benefits to new construction homes.

1. Modern Features

Choosing a home can be made easier when you know your life will be easier once you move in, and choosing a new construction home can help you achieve that convenience. Modern features like pre-wiring for smart devices, top-notch security systems, solar panels, and touchless faucets will help elevate your new home into a Smart Home — a home that will make your life easier.

New construction homes by Arista Development are built smart home ready, and packages are available. Get a move-in ready home prepared to:

  • Entertain you via Alexa devices
  • Start your shower while you?re still in bed with the U by Moen shower
  • Learn your daily schedule through a security system that turns on lights and opens your garage when you are close to your home
  • Maintain a sanitary kitchen with touchless and smart appliances

2. Customization

Another benefit to new construction homes is the ability to customize your living space. When shopping for existing homes, buyers can visit open house after open house and not find the “right” home for them. When shoppers choose a home builder like Arista Development, they are able to build their dream home.

Arista offers over a dozen floor plans and five elevations, providing you with a home that is completely customized to your expectations. Build a modern home using the Contemporary elevation and the Brookstone floor plan, or explore your traditional side with a New Mexican Pueblo and the Cedarwood floor plan. And of course, you can combine contemporary with traditional by choosing the Farmhouse Blend elevation — a unique home floor plan that combines the warmth of the southwest and the clean design of a contemporary home.

3. Affordability

Affordability is not always a shopper’s first thought when they think of building their home instead of buying an existing home, but it’s true. Home builders are better suited to stick to a strict budget, offer warranties, and provide energy-star rated appliances that help reduce costs after you buy your home.

When shopping for existing inventory, keeping to a strict budget can be hard to achieve and still get that perfect house that doesn’t need a lot of work (more on that later). But when you choose Arista Development as your home builder, you set your budget and we work within that budget. Additionally, all Arista clients receive a One Year Warranty. This warranty covers workmanship and materials, a portion of utilities (Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC) which provides peace of mind so you can simply relax and enjoy living in your new home. And, with modern features like Solar Panels and Energy-Star rated appliances, you can keep the cost of utilities low.

4. Less Stress

Buying a home is stressful. But buying new construction homes can make the process a little less stressful. When shoppers opt for existing homes they have to work with what is currently in inventory. If the inventory is low, then the chances of buying a less-than-desirable home is a reality.

In a low-inventory market, buyers are in competition with one another to buy the best house they can before someone else does. This urgency can cause people to invest in a home that requires immediate repairs such as new floors or a new roof. Additionally, in a low-inventory market bidding wars can erupt causing a home to sell above the asking price. These bidding wars are what make it difficult for buyers to stick to a budget and buy the house of their dreams.

5. Investing in a Community

Last, but not least, buying a home is an investment in the neighborhood. A good house in a bad neighborhood can cause your property values to decrease and no homeowner wants their home to lose value. Investing in an Arista home means you’re investing in Metro Verde, an established community with popular amenities like the Red Hawk golf club, walking trails, and splash pads. And if you are wishing to build a home outside of Metro Verde, Arista can help you build your dream home anywhere in Las Cruces, NM.

Learn About the Arista Standard

Arista Development, LLC is a new construction home builder in Las Cruces, New Mexico’s Metro Verde subdivision. When you are interested in learning more about the Arista standard, book a viewing of our newest model home. Our model home is currently located at 6017 High Planes Las Cruces, NM 88012. Call 575-323-1118 or email us at Crystal@AristaDevelopmentLLC.com

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