Build Your Dream Home

with Arista

We believe building your dream home should be straightforward and enjoyable. Start by picking the perfect lot from our selection of beautiful locations or come with your own. Then, choose a floor plan that feels right for you and your family. And the best part? You get to customize it to make it truly yours. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 – pick your lot, pick your plan, and make it your own. Let’s create a place you’ll love to call home, together.

Pick Your Lot

You can choose from one of our lots, or you can come with your county lot. Our communities include our exclusive Arista-only neighborhood, Crimson Sky, the coveted Red Hawk Estates, and the popular Metro Verde.

Pick Your Plan

We have over a dozen pans to choose from. Every plan has its unique charm and its features can vary on lot size and square footage. There’s no way you won’t find something you love.



Make It Your Own

Customize your home’s exterior and interior with our extensive list of optional upgrades and customizations. We provide enough options so that each Arista home is next to unique.


Buy Confidently with our Arista Warranty

Client Warranty

All Arista clients receive a comprehensive Homeowner’s Guide and One Year Warranty. This warranty covers workmanship and materials, portion of utilities (Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC) which provides peace of mind so you can simply relax and enjoy living in your new home. Once we have completed the construction of your home, continue to use your online webpage to submit your warranty items that may arise.

Service Requests

If you desire additional work or any assistance with work falling outside of the warranty, feel free to contact us for assistance. Our business goal is to keep our clients for life and assist them with any work regarding the home. We feel that we know your home better than anyone. We have already established a working relationship with you to help streamline any requested work to your home.

Taking the Mystery Out of Building A New Home

Through careful coordination with our in-house designer, suppliers and craftsmen, Arista ensures that all of our owners have a secure link into our software that is used for all building concerns. Basic information concerning each aspect of your construction project will be available on your secure webpage. Activities are updated every 24 hours.

Our Process


Building A Home

We want you to define the details of your perfect home. We encourage you to think about how you live, how you entertain, needs for each family member whether it be for work or play. We call this your “wish list” and it is the strong foundation of your individual design. Carefully considering how you live and even obtaining pictures and articles from design magazines or the web can only service to complete your vision.

After several house plans are reviewed and discussed, modifications are made prior to home build. We offer complete transparency if there are any change orders so you always know of any design or cost changes that will require your approval.

Bank Pre-Qualification

It is recommended that our homeowners work with mortgage lenders on becoming pre-qualified for your project. Pre-qualification is a roadmap for the owner and Arista, ensuring your home build will meet everyone’s expectations and budget.

Lot Selection

If you will be purchasing a lot, you may have a general idea of the style and size of the home you desire that works within your budget. All properties have restrictions, setbacks, easements, and possibly homeowner associations in place that can dictate height restrictions, style of homes allowed and other considerations. By choosing Arista as your builder, you will have a qualified consultant and designer to help you determine if the lot is the right fit for your home.

Architectural Design

After purchasing a lot, we begin the design stage of your home. A minimal design deposit is required to get started on the design process. This deposit will be applied to the overall cost of your home. You can expect to see an initial floor plan and some rough elevations to give you a concept of what your home will look like based on the criteria of your “wish list” and our discussions. We encourage our homeowners to review the plans thoroughly and recommend any changes for the next potential revision. After this, all major changes will be completed and Arista will begin final plans including all details. Any design changes are accompanied with the appropriate cost modification, which will be reviewed and agreed upon prior to your build.

Selections Process

We have designed several packages to help aid and assist you in the selection process. It is important to assemble your selections with your budget in mind. Seems a bit overwhelming? Here are a few examples of categories:

  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Floor Coverings
  • Cabinetry
  • Appliances
  • Trim Packages (door, windows, skylights)
  • Light Fixtures
  • Paint Colors
  • Stucco Color Options
  • Hardware

Arista will be there for you to take the mystery and fear out of choosing the very best elements that complete the customization and character of your new home.


After your home design has been completed, Arista will begin the estimating process. This process consists of itemizing each and every cost associated with building your new home to obtain a final cost. Once the estimate is done, Arista will provide a detailed proposal itemizing the key trades involved with costs associated to their scope of work.

Contract & Bank Package

Once costs are agreed upon, we will prepare a package that may be presented to your mortgage lender for review and approval. A pre-construction appraisal will be scheduled to make certain your home will appraise at or above the purchase value. After you have obtained lender approval, a contract will be presented.

Once costs are agreed upon, Arista will outline your construction schedule and provide you with your personal website page. With your secure client login, you will be able to find your contract, floor plans, elevation, project photos, change orders, and all other pertinent information regarding your new home.

Our Process

Site Build

Ground Breaking

Once the bank has reviewed our proposal and pre-construction appraisal, the city will issue the building permit and construction will begin. During the groundbreaking stage, the lot shall be prepped and graded. Utilities will be installed and the plumbing rough-in will begin.


After all underground utilities are in place, our concrete contractor shall form and pour your foundation. All site concrete is poured at a later time in the project which includes driveways, sidewalks, and walkways.


Building the skeleton for your home is the next task. The framing contractor will layout and install all of your exterior and load bearing walls. Trusses are then attached to help support future loads. The home is now sheathed with OSB, a compressed wood particle board enclosing the structure from the outside elements.

All exterior components such as window and exterior doors are installed to provide security to the home throughout the life of the construction project.


All utilities such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and low voltage are installed throughout the home. It is still possible to add additional items after the walls have been sealed but are much more costly post drywall.

Building Dry-In

Simultaneously with the rough-in’s, our roofers and stucco contractors are working on making your home watertight. Roofing is typically completed first and then the stucco contractor wraps the siding of the home with a vapor barrier and wire for the grey coat (cement stucco) to adhere to. Next the drywall is installed, followed by the cement grey coat siding which will cure for a minimum of 10 days prior to applying the final elastomeric color coat.


Arista wants to maximize the value of your budget by ensuring that all selections have been completed according to the schedule. Our objective is to minimize any delays in your project.

Appliances & Fixture Installation

One of the most exciting aspects of building a home is when your chosen appliances and finishes are installed, cementing the vision of your new home. We have been with you from your initial vision and we embrace your excitement.


We have many different options and packages regarding your landscaping depending on your budget allowance and style. Included in your choices may be a more native xeriscape low maintenance package or lush grasses and shrubs.

Pre-Closing Wak-Through

Arista will accompany you for your pre-closing final walk-through. This collaborative effort enables the culmination of your concept, vision, and dreams.

Building Your Dream Home has Never Been Simpler

Arista Advantage

Our relationships with our clients is constructed as well as the homes we build. We trust that you will appreciate both our value and solid craftsmanship.


Warranty Coverage

Our relationships last well beyond our initial build so you are comfortable knowing that your home will be properly maintained. Our warranty covers workmanship and material.

Energy Efficient

We have a third party provide a detailed energy efficiency report in post closing inspection

Maintaining Your Dream Home

In order to help preserve the quality and beauty of your finished home, we recommend maintenance products for your specific finishes.

Start Building Your Dream Home Today

We go above and beyond to maintain a solid reputation within the Las Cruces community and aim for perfection with every home. Our team upholds the absolute highest level of quality, performance, value, and service in each and every project. Our innovative design concepts, expertise, and years of collective experience take your vision from concept to completion

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