How to Prepare Your Home for Summer in New Mexico

April 24, 2023

Getting your home ready for the New Mexican summer heat requires some serious preparation. Yes, it gets pretty hot and at times very rainy, so the process of being fully prepared to endure the desert’s fluctuating climate can be tedious. 

Whether you are approaching your 50th summer season in New Mexico, or this is your very first one, there are a variety of measures and precautions you can take to ensure you and your home are totally ready to embrace the Southwestern sun. There are also a handful of regular maintenance checks that should be conducted at least once a year. What better time to cross those tasks off of your list than in the season of spring cleaning?

From technological updates and basic maintenance check ups, to making your backyard a summertime oasis, we’ve got all the functional tricks and tips that will support your home’s transition from spring to summer.

Update Your Technology

Summer home preparation with a smart thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat is a fool proof way of staying on top of the fluctuating temperatures of New Mexico summers. These handy devices offer the luxury of controlling your home’s temperature from a phone, smart speaker, tablet, or any other internet-connected device.

Unlike normal thermostats, smart thermostats have features like geofencing, room sensoring, and basic learning that can track your heating and cooling preferences. This means that they can even recognize when you come and go from your home, and detect what spaces in your home are being used so that energy consumption is reduced. What’s better, these smart devices can end up saving you lots of money.

Summer Home Preparation: Maintenance and Check Ups

As we get closer to the summer season, make sure your spring cleaning regimen includes checking on the systems and conditions of your home. From flushing your water heater system, to changing your smoke alarm batteries, there are a few things you’ll want to cross off your list before we get into summer.

Flushing your water heater system is important to do at least once a year, especially if you want to prevent future issues. Your water heater naturally accumulates sediment over time, and when minerals and materials collect at the bottom without a yearly flushing, your water heater must work harder to produce hot water. Left unchecked, sediment can create more serious problems, such as loss of water pressure, pipes bursting, and sediment coming out of faucets. 

Arista installs Navien tankless water heaters as a standard in all homes. These units save tons in energy costs compared to traditional water heaters.  As an added bonus, homeowners have an endless supply of hot water and a tankless system that requires much less maintenance. While a tankless system does not need to be flushed as often as older water heaters with a tanked system, it is still best practice to flush these systems annually. 

As of January 2023, all Arista homes will also be provided with a Nuvo Manor Duo system, which is a salt-free water softener that treats water with citric acid. This means the homeowner no longer needs to lug around those heavy bags of salt from the store. With this salt-free system, you simply replace the filter cartridges every six months. As a valued client you can save 15% off your recurring shipment of filters by using promo code Arista15.

Performing a roof inspection is another key check up that can save you some serious trouble down the line, especially with the intense monsoon season and fluctuating summer temperatures that can negatively impact your home. 

As New Mexico summer heat can surpass 100 degrees during the day, and then decrease dramatically overnight, roofing systems must be prepared to handle the regular contraction and expansion. Likewise, a roofing system must have a properly operating drainage system and be clear of debris. Working with a professional to ensure your roofing system is good to go for this approaching summer season is critical in overall home maintenance. 

While you are checking the larger projects off your list, it is important to not forget some smaller, yet equally important, tasks within your home. When was the last time you replaced your smoke alarm batteries? What about your carbon monoxide detector? If your answers fall beyond a year, you are well overdue. Seriously, changing your batteries can make the difference between life and death. This is your reminder!

Saving the Best for Last: Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces

Plants to beautify your outdoor space for summer home preparation

What better way to prepare your home for summer than to beautify and restyle your outdoor spaces! This is the fun part of spring cleaning. Perhaps you are wanting to spruce up your yard with more plants, add a few trees for shade, or install a rain barrel to collect extra water when monsoon season comes around. 

There are a variety of plants that thrive in the desert summer, such as lavender, germander, desert willow, blue mist spiraea, butterfly bush, autumn sage, and Karl Foerster grass. Adding a grouping of trees to the mix will not only provide afternoon shade, it also can create a windbreak, especially for future springtime windy seasons. A rain barrel is a great option for collecting water, but you can also consider creating a natural arroyo that directs any additional water to your gardens: functional AND visually appealing! 

For more ideas on how to spice up your outdoor living areas, check out our article on Backyard Ideas!

Looking for a change that goes beyond summer sprucing? Contact our team to begin planning for your dream home. The best part? All our homes guarantee a one-year client warranty to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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