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October 7, 2019

From light bulbs to security systems, thermostats to appliances, it seems that more and more aspects of home are turning up the intelligence factor. We are talking about smart homes. A smart home is a house that uses technology to automate and manage tasks previously performed by hand. Mostly controlled through voice commands or an app, smart devices such as Nest (smart thermostat), Ring (smart doorbell), and Roomba (smart vacuum), allow homeowners to remotely control aspects of their home environment.

But does your home need all of these devices?

There are a number of reasons homeowners are investing in a smart home with convenience and energy efficiency topping the list. As a home builder in Las Cruces, New Mexico, we are accustomed to hot days and cool nights. All of that manual thermostat adjusting can start to be a headache. Here are some other popular reasons to buy a home already wired for smart devices:

  • Saves time from having to remember to adjust each device
  • Manage your home while you are awaymany devices have an app that will let you control your systems remotely. That means if you left the air conditioning running but have taken a day trip from Las Cruces, you can turn it down from the road
  • It’s accessible—tasks that previously required mobility, like getting under a couch to vacuum, can now be automated.
  • It’s an added layer of security for your home—Ring, a smart doorbell, will let you see who is at your door and will even let you speak to them through the device, without having to open the door. It can also record who is lurking around your home and uses an app called Neighbors by Ring to crowdsource anything from crime to lost pets in your immediate area
  • Saves you money—according to a study by Nest, homeowners saved on average 10-12% on their energy bills by using a smart thermostat.

When Arista sets out to build a new home, we consider how the house will adapt with age and take steps to future-proof our homes. Every home we build comes pre-wired and ready for smart home security technology. Not only is it important to feel secure in your new home, but having a smart-ready home means that you have the freedom to enjoy your space with a minimal amount of effort. We work with top-rated security companies and can install simple alarm systems from or we can install a more sophisticated alarm system from Savant Pro. An expert sales associate for the security systems we offer is available for customers requiring more information.

No matter if you choose a home in Metro Verde or Sonoma Ranch, Arista homes come with hi-resolution cameras in the front and backyards with the option to install up to 40 cameras. No angle is left unmonitored. In addition, with two-way voice communications you can drop in to check to see your kids are not spending too much time in front of the TV over school holidays or take a quick peek at your pets when you’re away.

Using Alexa technology, our homeowners can easily control their homes with simple commands. Here are just some ways the smart system can be used:

  • Entertain guests on your patio with your favorite playlist
  • Launch a game of Jeopardy! to liven up a party
  • Turn on lights in a room before entering
  • Enable your security system
  • Converse with family in another part of the home without yelling across rooms

Sometimes, the most convenient aspects are realized when you don’t even know it’s there. Unlike when a home is retrofitted for smart devices, a new Arista home has the convenience of technology without the cords, wires, and cumbersome clutter that comes with them. We run all the wires through the walls and the physical equipment is housed in an inconspicuous compartment that blends seamlessly into your wall.

All the smart home devices that we install in our homes can be controlled by a master panel that can be customized to your preferences. Forgot to turn off the lights in the bathroom? Easily switch them off when you set your security on your way out. Establish a “coming home” radius and have your garage open for you when you are in-range. Most of all, feel protected with your data. Our smart home control panel is encrypted and is the most secure home security system available today. The Arista difference is future-proofing your home. The possibilities for convenience are limitless when you invest in your future with an Arista custom built home.

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