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October 21, 2019

Being energy efficient is a choice. Buying energy efficient homes and using energy efficient products and services in your day-to-day life is your choice; the choice to promote sustainability and protect the environment. Which is why many consumers and businesses have made their choices by leaning towards Energy Star certified products.

You might be wondering, “What is Energy Star?” Energy Star is an initiative that consumers and businesses have taken in order to endorse energy efficiency. With this knowledge in hand, people can make well-informed decisions to better the environment. For 25+ years, Energy Star has contributed in saving consumers and businesses in America nearly 4 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity and achieve over 3 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions.

One way they accomplish this is with their energy efficient certified homes. Certified homes are energy efficient built homes, meaning they were built with less amount of energy (which ultimately means that the energy bill is lower), and there is way less pollution. Because of these factors, they are at least 10% more energy efficient than homes that are simply built to code. They also achieve a 20% improvement, all while providing homeowners with better quality, performance, and overall comfort! Are you still not impressed? What if we told you that in 2017, American homeowners living in Energy Star certified new homes avoided $400 million in energy costs alone? Now that’s cool!

Energy Star is dedicated to contributing energy efficiency not only for products and buildings, but also for the economy and environment. Click here to learn more about the Energy Star  way.

Here at Arista, not only do we admire everything that Energy Star stands for, but we also are proud to say that every one of our homes is built to meet those same standards. In fact, we were the El Paso Electric award winners two years in a row for the highest average kWh (kilowatt per hour) savings! We know that innovative design concepts and exceptional construction (including energy-efficient building methods) are crucial in a new home, which is why we offer a one-of-a-kind home building experience. This allows our clients to be fully involved in the step-by-step building/planning process to ensure that their dream home is exactly how they envisioned it.

Not only do we have energy efficient homes, but all of our homes are built by The Arista Standard, which means that they are all prewired with smart home security technology and have the capability to become smart homes. That means our homes are both EFFICIENT and SMART. Talk about a win-win situation, right? Learn more about the advantages of building with Arista and smart homes by exploring our website and articles.

Many homes, or buildings consume more energy than what is needed. A home that isn’t an Energy Star certified home is more likely to have high utility bills and maintenance costs, plus it could be uncomfortable to live in. These homes are also more likely to have drafts and leaks, poorly performing heating and cooling systems, chronic moisture and indoor air quality problems.

An Energy Star Certified home is simply put, an energy efficient home. It is about using less energy to get the same job done and ultimately preventing high energy bills and unnecessary pollution.

What do Tiny Homes and Energy Star  certified homes have in common? They’re both energy efficient. And it turns out that being energy efficient isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also trending!

Home designs have evolved over time and often reflect societal trends. Societal trends like unicorn lattes, goat yoga, or a particular hard seltzer might be all over your Instagram feed. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll build you a unicorn themed home, but more so that home designs have been inspired by certain trends, like activism for climate change. People are taking to the streets to spread the word on climate change, in a desperate call for help. Some do their parts by trying to live a sustainable life, we do ours by building homes that are energy efficient. Click here to see which other home designs are both trendy and green!

The time is NOW to build your energy efficient dream home. Click here to get started! Have more questions? Contact us by calling 575-323-1118, emailing us at or connecting with us online.

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