Who Helps Build a House

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For many, building a new home is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. You’re able to design and witness the construction of a space that will become a legacy for you and your family.

It’s an exciting process, to say the least. In order to construct a new home, it’s important that the process be thought out carefully, planned meticulously, and executed systematically. It requires a team of trained professionals focused on the end goal: a beautiful home.

To help showcase how a collaborative team works together to produce the ideal real estate dream, we’re discussing the professionals who help in building a house. Arista Development is well-versed in creating visions that eventually become beautiful standing structures for families. Inquire about our Las Cruces home builders today.

Build a New Home in Sonoma Ranch | Who Will Build Your New Home?

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Whether you’re building within our Arista community, like Sonoma Ranch, or outside our development area, we are experts on the home building process. From planning to development, execution, and design, there are many steps involved in the home building process. Each of these roles is critical to ensuring the final results are in line with the architectural plans and building designs, as well as with your ultimate goals for the home.

Typically, there’s a long list of professional home developers and builders that help to ensure a new house is constructed well and in accordance with the law. For this reason, it’s important to select from Las Cruces home builders that are knowledgeable with home building from start to finish and those that are capable of managing setbacks and issues. Below we’re covering a wide range of professionals that assist in the home building process, including:

Developers in Las Cruces | Developers in Sonoma Ranch | Developers Metro Verde

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When building a new home, you usually start with the purchase of land. Developers make this part simple for new home buyers. They usually purchase a large piece of property which is then divided – or zoned – into lots reserved for new homeowners.

Experienced developers, like Arista, select from only the best pieces of land that offer amenities, and more. Arista’s lots in Sonoma Ranch (Phase 9) are carefully selected; offering the best views and privacy available in the sub-division. Additionally, developers pull the necessary permits and entitlements that allow them to build on these zoned lots, which can save time and money for those who choose to build on a development.


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Once a builder purchases a finished lot from the developer, the next step in the process is working with an architect. An architect will design the home’s plans (or tailor existing ones) to help it fit within the space and lay of the land that was purchased.

Usually, you can select from a library of home plans that incorporate some of the most popular features in modern homes, including:

  •     Open floor plans
  •     High ceilings
  •     Large master bedrooms
  •     Abundant storage

Architects not only design homes according to homebuyers’ preferences, but they create cohesive structures within a development to add value to each home. You will receive home plans from the architect, which will ultimately serve as the blueprint (literally) for the home building process.

Home Builders in Sonoma Ranch & Metro Verde

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The company you select to take charge of building your home is key. When building in Sonoma Ranch or Metro Verde, select experienced Las Cruces home builders Arista Development, with extensive knowledge and transparency in every home build we execute.

The home building company that you select usually oversees everything from sales to construction to final closing on a new house. Within its team, home builders usually oversee:

  •     Design
  •     Budgeting/Costs
  •     Development
  •     Contractors
  •     Project Managers
  •     Subcontractors

The job of any home building company is to ensure that this process runs smoothly. They will help alleviate much of the stress involved with building a house from the ground up and will take charge of leading a team of professionals, ensuring things are done right and in accordance with the law.

Pro Tip: Select home builders that can assist with real estate, brokers, mortgages, and actual construction.

Arista Development offers innovative designs on our wide range of homes that fit many different lifestyles. We also create comprehensive plans that our team of professionals can utilize to execute the home of your dreams. Need changes after the plans have been drawn up? No problem, our award winning in-house design team is flexible and can ensure your floor plan and elevation are exactly what you desire in your dream home. Further, we have a list of highly sought after brokers and mortgage experts who will assist in answering questions on budgeting, pricing, and other specific details.

Sonoma Ranch Custom Home Designers

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Design elements for any new home build are among the most important considerations for homeowners. We offer design experts on staff who are equipped to show you through all the details that will make up your new home! Included are items like flooring, lighting fixtures, cabinetry, paint, doors, carpet, windows, and more. 

Artista Development will help you select from among a wide range of design preferences and keep you on budget while we piece together your new home. We’ll help you select outdoor or exterior design elements, as well.

Construction Superintendents

Sometimes referred to as a project manager, the construction superintendent is tasked with overseeing the entire house building process. They are highly qualified professionals and well-versed in overseeing a home built from start to finish. Their job requires a few important roles: 

  •     Overseeing contractors and building product suppliers
  •     Scheduling trade contractors sequentially to stay on track
  •     Overseeing budgets and timelines
  •     Scheduling inspections and ensuring everything is done to code and within the plan’s specifications

Trade Contractors

Within each home build, there’s a set of objectives to be tackled. For instance, your house is first built on a foundation. Then, it is erected via framing before moving to plumbing and electrical. Obviously, single individuals cannot provide all of these specialized services. Instead, various roles that are hired out, often referred to as subcontractors or trades. These can include:

  •     Framers
  •     Plumbers
  •     Electricians
  •     HVAC Specialists
  •     Roofers
  •     Flooring Experts
  •     Window Experts
  •     Drywall Contractors
  •     Siding/Stucco/Brick Exterior Contractors

The superintendent or construction manager will oversee the appointment and rotation of these roles as you move through the home building process.


One of the final stages of building a home entails inspecting all finished work. Did you know, though, that there are actually two inspections done during a new home build? The first inspection occurs before the drywall is hung. Then, prior to move-in, you will have a final inspection. 

The purpose of inspections are to ensure quality work and safety. Inspectors evaluate if finished work meets city standards and that your home is operational according to these codes. Inspector often checks off these items before your home is ready to move in:

  •     Water and sewer lines are laid before the concrete is poured
  •     Inspection of the framing and mechanical systems (walls, electrical, HVAC, plumbing)
  •     Actual structure (roofing, walls, windows, doors, and exterior coverings)
  •     Insulation

Once the final inspection is completed, you’re usually okayed to move into your new home! While this is a quick rundown of every step in the process, it’s often good to be aware of costly mistakes when building your first home. Below we’re giving some valuable points to consider before you begin the home building process.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Home

Many first-time homeowners who opt to build their first home feel overwhelmed by the process. It’s important to lookout for some of these common mistakes.

  1. Choosing the Right Sonoma Ranch Lot

When planning a new Sonoma Ranch house construction, you’ll first need to find a lot, or piece of land, where your house will reside. It’s worth taking the time to ensure you’re happy with the size, shape, and view of your lot before any construction begins. You should consider these points:

  •     What is local traffic like?
  •     Can you get to amenities like grocery stores easily?
  •     What types of offices and health care services are nearby?
  •     Where does the sun rise and set with respect to the lot? 

These questions can help you better frame how your house will be constructed. When in doubt, work with your housing developer and builders.

  1. Keep Your Budget or Mortgage in Check 

When you build a custom home, it’s easy to end up with a bigger mortgage than you’d bargained for. Alterations during construction, unplanned delays, and requests for upgraded materials can all change the price of the home.

To avoid over budgeting, make a plan for the materials and design you’re wanting ahead of time. Arista Developers are extremely experienced in managing this portion of the home building process. We outline your aesthetics, preferences, and interior/exterior choices to ensure we stay on track during the home building process. We’ll also help you price out everything so you can decide whether features are worth the investment.

Always keep the budget in mind and select your options (and stick with them!) for the duration of the home build. This will avoid any setbacks and/or unforeseen expenses.

  1. Avoid Making Big Purchases While Building a Home

You may have heard it before, but keep your spending in check while your house is being built. Buying a new car or new furniture, for example, may be tempting but can affect your debt-to-income ratio. This will, in turn, impact your mortgage eligibility.

When in doubt, try to delay any big purchases until after you’ve signed your mortgage paperwork.

  1. Make Changes During the Design Phase

Plan ahead of time for the space you envision needing. When you’re looking at your new home design, take a closer look at the bedroom, closets, storage, and living spaces. Decide if the overall size fits your lifestyle before moving forward. It’s much easier to make design alterations than it is to change things during the building process. 

Sonoma Ranch Home Builders

Creating your new home takes a team of trained professionals focused on your needs. The key members of this team will work closely with each other and with you to handle construction each step of the way, creating your new home.