Red Hawk Estates: Your Home & Your Escape

February 27, 2023

Nestled in the high desert of northeastern Las Cruces, New Mexico, lies the picturesque Red Hawk Estates of Metro Verde. 

This master-planned community utilizes a carefully designed mix of innovative land uses that enhance the surrounding landscape. With an emphasis on sustainable, energy efficient practices, the development of Red Hawk Estates preserves and protects the natural space that makes for an unparalleled living experience.

Framed by the Doña Ana Mountains and Twin Peaks alongside idyllic parks, and a world-renowned golf course, this consciously constructed community has a little something for everyone. 

Red Hawk Estates - Near Red Hawk Golf Course

Red Hawk Estates Incorporates Smart Growth Principles

Las Cruces continues to draw in droves of new residents each year, thanks to its stunning views, temperate climate, and ever-growing local economy. To preserve and maintain the clean, expansive spaces of Las Cruces, Red Hawk Estates incorporates Smart Growth principles into the development process. 

While Smart Growth looks different for each community, its core function of the conservation strategies remains the same. Smart Growth principles seek to make every town thrive through environmental sustainability, social diversity, and economic prosperity. 

The development showcases an integration of mixed land uses, a Smart Growth principle that benefits the community, the Earth, and the local market. A combination of commercial and residential zoning means Red Hawk neighbors live closer to where they work and run errands, which drives down vehicle use and supports small businesses. 


Taking care to ensure the estate is built in a way that supports residents and maximizes quality of life, Red Hawk Estates is being developed with a people-first approach

By encouraging residents to explore the neighborhood at a variety of times of day, mixed land use also improves safety, strengthens the community, and brings vitality to the space. The array of nearby parks and trailheads, paired with the highly acclaimed Red Hawk golf course, makes the neighborhood ideal for families, nature lovers, retirees, and working professionals alike.

Red Hawk Estates is also uniquely positioned to offer both privacy and tranquility, and quick access to everything from shopping and entertainment to doctor’s offices and urgent care.

Open Spaces

As, perhaps, the crowning glory of Red Hawk Estates, its proximity to New Mexico’s esteemed open spaces makes the community experience truly incomparable. While many growing cities are rapidly losing access to nature due to horizontal growth, Las Cruces has maintained its open spaces unlike anywhere else.

Building a home at Red Hawk Estates means residents become neighbors with the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. This monument protects thousands of acres of breathtaking landscapes and wild spaces. For Red Hawk citizens, this translates to priority access to a wealth of natural resources and recreational opportunities — hiking, biking, camping, picnicking, wildlife watching, and more. 

It also means that when homeowners wake up, they greet the day surrounded by mountainous horizons, fresh air, and clear desert skies. 

Build Your Dream Life

If living a balanced, fulfilled life that supports community and environmental integrity sounds right for you, only Red Hawk Estates will do. 

Currently, there are just 6 scenic lots available for development. Schedule a model home tour today so you can put down roots, grow, and flourish in the exceptional Red Hawk Estates

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