Why New Mexico is the Best for Florida Rooms

July 19, 2022

New Mexico has been the “Land of Enchantment” long before the state adopted the phrase as its nickname. We have stunning desert landscapes and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. While many people go on hiking, biking or camping excursions, it can be challenging to find the time to always get out in the fresh air. That is why Florida rooms are so wonderful. So named due to their popularity in Florida, they bring all the benefits of being outdoors right to your residence. 

florida room - cushions on bench, big windows looking into yard
Cushioned benches in sunny conservatory

What is a Florida room?

Florida rooms have many names. They are also known as including a sunroom, solarium, a garden room, patio room, sun porch, winter garden and conservatory. A Florida room is essentially a residential living space built onto a home’s side with a roof. Prior to air conditioning, Floridians built these rooms as living spaces for when it was too hot inside. Conversely, in cold Northern climates, Florida rooms were made to capture as much sunshine and warmth as possible. While these spaces were originally used to modulate temperature, they can now be built to showcase a particularly lovely view. Check out the views of the mountains and our lovely Las Cruces desert landscape at our Metro Verde community. 

Florida Room Basics

Florida rooms generally have one or more glass walls and windows allowing for natural light and outdoor views. To maximize comfort, they can be equipped with heating and/or air conditioning to allow use of the room any day of the year. A Florida room can boost the value of a home. Typically a Florida room is not included in the total square footage, also known as Gross Pricing Area (GPA), but by adding heating and cooling, it can then be included in the GPA. By adding a temperature-regulated Florida room, you can boost your GPA, even if you are not in school!

Two aspects to consider when designing your space are:

  • Location: Traditionally, Florida rooms are added to the back side of homes. This provides a greater amount of privacy while still having sunshine. Occasionally, people decide on having a Florida room on the side of their house, particularly if they have a striking view. If you are building a house in Las Cruces, you will likely be spoiled for choice! Mountains, sunrises, sunsets are all lovely scenes to gaze out on in your New Mexican Florida room.
  • Windows and Glass: It’s important to consider types of windows and glass to keep your Florida room as energy efficient and possible for the environment. To determine what type of windows are best for you, you must first find out which zone you live in. The Department of Energy calculates how much energy homes use to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures in different areas in the United States. For example, Santa Fe is located in the Northern Climate Zone and has very different energy needs than Las Cruces houses in the South Central Climate Zone. Low-E, Argon Gas, and double pane windows are common for homes in warmer climates.

You should not only think about the materials used for creating your Florida room, but also its function. Consider what you want to use the Florida room for. A smaller Florida room can become a cozy escape from the world, but a larger space would be perfect for parties. There is no limit to what you can do with it! If you stuck on concepts, below are a few ideas of how a Florida room can be not just an extension of your house, but of yourself. 

Florida Room themes

Compared to a bedroom or bathroom, a Florida room is very versatile. Your hobbies and interests can have the full run of this space. Below are some ideas for designing your space.

  • Cooking and dining space – If you enjoy eating al fresco but would prefer to avoid visiting flies, mosquitoes and ants, you may want to have a fully-functioning outdoor kitchen. Creating a culinary corner with prepping, cooking and eating areas is perfect for any chef who loves to socialize while creating delicious dishes that wow guests. Set up a TV to watch the big game with your friends and create an exclusive sports bar atmosphere. Cabinetry can be designed to accommodate appliances such as a wine cooler, mini bar, and ice maker will be perfect when having friends over to have a drink and enjoy a beautiful view.
  • Game room – Are you a pool shark or love a good game of foosball? Create the ultimate recreation space for your kids or your friends and family who are kids at heart. We all need a space to unwind after a long day and blow off steam, and playing a round of poker or darts is the perfect way to do so. Hobbyists who love tabletop games can set up a table to double as a dining and gaming space. It may be corny, but having a game room can be an absolute game-changer!
  • Catio – Create the purrfect spot for your cats to enjoy fresh air in a custom feline-friendly Florida room! Catios seem to be more and more popular each year. Provide enrichment for your cat(s) while keeping them safe and protecting local wildlife. Make sure that the catio is escape-proof–cats can tear regular screens if they are motivated enough, so use materials that have been designed with animals in mind.
  • Aviary – More of a bird person than a cat person? No problem! Outdoor aviaries can provide a great way for your feathered friends to enjoy natural sunlight, which is important for vitamin D production, hormone balance, and organ, skin and feather health. Safe materials are important when constructing an aviary, as many birds explore their environment.
  • Conservatory – Calling all plant parents! Create a lovely space for your plants that are too delicate to handle the full sun, but could benefit from fresh air. These spaces can protect your plants from pesky insects that might do your beautiful plants any harm!
  • Yoga room – Las Cruces is famous for our gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. What could be more ideal than practicing your sun salutation poses while watching the sun rise over the Organ Mountains? Research shows that time spent in nature reduces stress and promotes healing. Maximize the time you spend in nature by creating a space that lets you enjoy New Mexico’s landscapes, even if you do not have time to go hiking.
  • Creative space – When it comes to crafting a space tailor made for your creative expression, you should always listen to your art. Studies indicate that being in nature can enhance creativity. Design your writing, art, music, craft, or other creative endeavor station so that you can look outside to be inspired and get your creative juices flowing. 

Design your Florida Room in New Mexico

If Florida is the “Sunshine State” and New Mexico is the “Land of Enchantment,” imagine how wonderful your Florida room in New Mexico could be. No matter how you design or decorate it, the Florida room is a great way to add value to your home.
Interested in talking to a professional about adding a Florida room? Contact Arista Development for more information and advice on bringing more sunshine into your life!

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