Purchasing a home is a priority for many individuals and families across the country. As an important rite of passage, many people work to afford a home they can call their own. When it comes time to signing on the dotted line, you’ll be faced with several critical decisions. For many, priority is in weighing the overall benefits of purchasing a newly built home versus settling on an existing property. 

In a survey, American’s reported their preference (41% to be exact) for a newly constructed house over purchasing an already-lived-in space. At almost two to one, that is a significant statistic. While many are partial to building a house from the ground up, there are still many factors that homebuyers should weigh before choosing one path or the other. Below are some benefits as well as some downfalls to newly constructed houses.

Top Reasons Why You Should Look for New Construction Homes for Sale in Las Cruces

new construction homes in las cruces

Before we jump into the benefits of a newly constructed house, there are a few obvious reasons that individuals and families vote in favor of a brand-new over existing structures. For one, many prefer the option of customizing a house prior to move-in. As you might imagine, we live in the age of custom everything and homes serve as no exception. Many would prefer to hand-select details that coincide with new construction such as floorplans, elevation, style, finishes, flooring, lighting, features, and even types of grass. 

Secondly, a lot of homebuyers – especially first-timers – are looking for houses that are more modern. Unfortunately, “used homes” and older homes are, well, older. Dated designs and layouts can be a dealbreaker for many. After all, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort into upgrading an older home, which can sometimes feel like just building a house from the ground up. Why not opt for the latter?

Benefits of Newly Constructed Homes

new home construction in las cruces

Beyond aesthetic appeal and ease of customization, there are other benefits to consider when looking to build a new construction home in Las Cruces. Below we’re giving you some top reasons to consider working with an experienced home builder to erect the house of your dreams. For more information on our extensive styles, floorplans, and lots, contact us to learn more.

To start, there’s certainly a lot that goes into designing and constructing a house from the ground up. As a helpful tip, you should always seek more information on the house building process before you move forward with your project. The downside of new construction is that it can sometimes be a lengthy process, which is why it’s critical to work with experienced homebuilders who can walk you through every step. Consider our top reasons for choosing newly constructed homes:

1. Energy Efficiency

New homes come with the ultimate benefit of being new. As with anything new, things tend to run seamlessly and efficiently, especially if you’ve chosen an experienced Sonoma Ranch home developer

Yes, one of the virtues of a brand-new home is the savings that come from reduced energy and maintenance expenses. In fact, in an American Housing Survey (AHS), homeowners in a new house spent less than $25 per month on upkeep and maintenance. In a similar survey, homeowners residing in a new house spent nearly 27% less on electricity than those who lived in used or older homes. 

New homes are nearly 30 percent more energy-efficient than a home built five years ago, even if they’re not certified “green.”

If you’re environmentally conscious, you can even select EnergyStar efficient appliances, WaterSense fixtures, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) systems, and even renewable resources and materials used in the construction of your new home. With older homes, you don’t have easy control over these wide arrays of options. Ultimately, these factors are less harmful to the local environment, as well as to the costs of living in your recently purchased home, long-term.

2. Quality of Construction

new construction homes for sale in las cruces

One of the beauties about constructing your home is ensuring top quality elements. For example, you’ll have more say for the standards of design and overall construction than just simply purchasing an existing, older home. You can personally select materials used from framing to lighting fixtures and budget according to your needs and preferences. Again, there’s not as much you can select from an existing home beyond renovating after you’ve purchased. 

Secondly, as you might imagine, home codes, particularly for inspection, change regularly. Meeting building and safety standards is an integral part of designing and building a new house. For this reason, you should only work with home builders that offer warranties and peace of mind when it comes to meeting code and passing inspections.

3. Better Floor Plans

what to know about building a new house

Trends change and, unfortunately, for older homes it can be a huge burden to try and work lifestyles and choices into existing floorplans. Instead, building a new house allows you the freedom to select a floorplan that matches your needs upfront. Overall, modern floorplans have the versatility and can serve efficiently for families and individuals of all sizes. Open floor concepts are on trend right now as they allow easier flow and access without negatively impacting day-to-day, busy schedules. 

While it may seem that older homes can simply be upgraded with new paint, decor, and even fixtures or design elements, one thing that is incredibly difficult to change is the layout of an existing house. Many that purchase a used home must work tirelessly to ensure that their furniture, daily activities, and even cohabitation is not disrupted by the design of the home. 

Did you know?

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4. Personalize Your New Home

As we mentioned, customization has become an integral part of everyday life. Why sacrifice choice when you’re making a big home purchase? Buying a home is a huge commitment, so you should have a say in what goes into it. 

Luckily, if you’ve chosen on a newly constructed home you will have the option of selecting the design, layout, and even the details that make up every wall, floor, bedroom, and bathroom. It can be a lot of fun, too! Tailor your style and make the space all your own. If you’re purchasing an existing house, it’s much harder to customize the look and feel. Not to mention, you’ll ultimately deal with the headache of renovations, which is never as easy as it looks. Instead, opt for a move-in ready house that you selected upfront.

5. New Construction Homes Offer Hassle-free Move-In

One of the most amazing things about building a new house is that it’s always move-in ready. No need to shuffle personal items from one room to another, as you attempt remodels. In fact, no need to lift a hammer, paintbrush, or finger. Given that you chose everything, in the beginning, you can move into your newly constructed home hassle-free. 

Similarly, there won’t be much maintenance on a new home. While an older home often requires checks and even occasional upgrades, a new home should keep you with minimal work for at least a few years. It’s time to kick back and enjoy your big purchase!

Why You Should Buy a New Construction Home in Las Cruces Now

Now is the right time to buy a new construction home in Las Cruces, or anywhere for that matter. Homebuilder sentiment in the United States has risen to its highest level since 1999. With strong sales and a low supply of existing homes, the need for newly constructed homes is growing. As reported by CNBC, the National Association of Home Builders’ Chairman Greg Ugalde stated, “Builders are continuing to see the housing rebound that began in the spring, supported by a low supply of existing homes, low mortgage rates, and a strong labor market.”

Arista Development

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